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The huge amount of information contained in these pages is almost entirely the work of Alick Hadwen, who attended the school as a pupil from 1949 - 1954, in Goodair House. He retained a life-long interest, not just in the School and its history, but also in the individuals who passed through its portals as staff or students. When he passed away on 27th May 2014 he was still researching many aspects of his alma mater, although in the later years of his life increasingly severe bouts of ill-health had inevitable effects on both the quality and quantity of his output.

One aspect of the school which he found particularly interesting was the involvement of individuals in the military side of life in the UK. He was disturbed to find that the history of this aspect was largely unknown and unsung, and he decided to try to rectify the omission. He put a lot of energy into his researches and the results have brought back into public knowledge the names of a lot of unfortunate young men whose courage and sacrifice might have been lost for ever.

The record which he produced, whilst splendid, is nevertheless incomplete. The chance, now, of finding new reliable information about staff and pupils who served (and perhaps died) in the Great War or before is very small indeed, although not impossible. For the Second World War time is also against acquisition of new data, but for subsequent military experience the knowledge is still out there and available. It just needs identifying and submitting. It may be that through the Members of our Association, their relatives, friends (and even neighbours), we can add to the Roll of Honour and the general military record. Any reader of this page can add (or amend) information by submitting this Military Service Record form.

Alick was careful to ensure that his work was supported by a detailed statement of his methodology and the difficulties he had encountered in carrying out such detailed research. His intentions were (a) to enable the reader to acquire easy understanding of the data, and (b) to assist any future researcher by identifying his sources and reasoning. To read the statement, and the list of abbreviations, click the "Statement" button.

Among the papers handed to the Association by Alick's sister after his passing were several lists of notes associated with the Military records which he had not had time to verify and/or formalise. These can be seen by clicking the "Additional Notes" button. In addition there were other files containing a mix of data which would be of use in further research. These are listed under Miscellaneous files below.

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