Preston Grammar School Association

The Association

The Association was first formed in 1874 and has remained successfully in existence ever since, although there have been times when interest waned almost to the point of disappearance (immediately after WW1 and toward the end of the 20th Century). In recent years interest has been re-kindled, as the last of the former pupils have reached retirement age, and there has been a surge in membership.

Membership of the Association is open to all former pupils and staff of Preston Grammar School, and others who have a connection with the School. Life membership requires a one-off payment of £10.00. A Membership Application Form can be accessed by clicking here and printing the blank Form

A paper version can be obtained from the Secretary.

Please remember to send your cheque to the Secretary.

The Honorary Secretary,
The Preston Grammar School Association,
12, Coniston Avenue,
Preston PR2 2HS



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