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The Archive

The Association has a collection of material which has been gathered and donated by various Old Boys (and their families and friends) over the years. This material is currently being gathered together and properly catalogued by the Association's Archivist. The archive has been split into three main categories, with an Index file which explains how these archives have been set out.


Images of items in the Archive

prize book
This book, "View of the State of Europe during the Middle Ages, Vol. II", by Henry Hallam, is the oldest prize currently in the possession of the Association. It was published in 1846, and presented to Walter Lowe Clay as the First Prize in General History at Christmas, 1848. There is no note of the Headmaster, the Rev. George Nun Smith MA, nor is there any record of who presented it (the first record of an official Prize giving is as late as June 1857). It is unusual in that the insignia and inscription are on the outer cover, so it is amazing how it has survived as well as it has! The insignia itself is also of interest, containing, as it does, the plain motto, “Insignia Villae de Preston.”. This poses several questions for the historians!

The book had originally been discovered during a house renovation in Derby in 1970, but had lain in an attic since then. However, a Mrs Norah Harper recently came across it again while searching through her late husband’s possessions, and she contacted the Association on finding the Website address. Mrs Harper very kindly agreed to donate the book, and it has now been placed in the PGSA archive.

The Headmaster's Chair, the Lectern and Other Furniture


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