Preston Grammar School Association

The Archive

The Association has a collection of material which has been gathered and donated by various Old Boys (and their families and friends) over the years. This material is currently being gathered together and properly catalogued by the Association's Archivist. The archive is split into four main databases:

The databases have a common layout, consisting of 8 columns:

Column 1 - Ser - a sequential serial number of the items within each database.

Column 2 - Item type within the specific database:

  • A - Albums
  • As - Association literature
  • B - Brochures
  • H - Hoghtonians
  • L - Letters
  • M - Media articles
  • N - Notebooks
  • O - Orders of Service
  • P - Programmes
  • S - Sporting documents
  • C - Caps
  • N - Neckwear
  • S - Shirts
  • T - Trousers
  • M - Model
  • V - Voltmeter
  • B - Building
  • C - Camp
  • G - Group
  • I - Individual
  • S - Sport

Column 3 - Classification identifier - a complex alphanumeric identifier showing the relationship and date of the item. For instance in the classification of Ser No 1 in Photographs - PG1935.1 - P means PGSA, G = Group, 1935 is the year and .1 is the first item for that year.

Column 4 - A detailed description of the item.

Column 5 - A unique item identifier related to the whole Archive collection irrespective of individual database.

Column 6 - Location of the individual item.

Column 7 - The date on which the item was identified and accepted into the Archive.

Column 8 - General information column.


The Clothing Database

SerClothingClass'nDescriptionUnique IDLocationDateGeneral

1TieCN2014.1School tie39Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014Origin unknown
2CapCC2014.1School cap40Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014Donated by A Sullivan
3CapCC2014.2Sports cap41Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014Donated by Les Hamner
4TrousersCT2014.1Sports shorts42Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014Origin unknown
5ShirtCS1956.1Football shirt43Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014PGSA team shirt from 1956-7 season
6ShirtCS1960.2Football shirt44Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014Undated football shirt - post 1960s
7ShirtCS1939.1Football shirt254Box 1 Rigby03.10.2016LAL 2nd Div Winner's Shirt 1938/39

The Miscellaneous Database

SerMiscClass'nDescriptionUnique IDLocationDateGeneral

1ModelMM2014.1Foulsyke, Nether Wasdale54Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014Donated by the family of Len Berryman
2VoltmeterMV2014.1A PGS inscribed voltmeter55Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014Located in Australia and donated by A Kinloch
3ChairMC1889.1Headmaster's chair252Billington01.09.2015Victorian chair retrieved from Preston College by D.Billington
4LecternML1902.1School lectern253Billington01.09.2015Retrieved from Preston College by D.Billington
5MedalsMM1938.14 silver Athletics medals254Box 4 Rigby12.11.2016Won by E.Hall & purchased from D.Roberts by PGSA
6FlooringMF1950.1Flooring from Corridor257Box 4 Rigby10.01.2017Taken when original flooring was replaced in 2016

The Photograph Database

SerPhotoClass'nDescriptionUnique IDLocationDateGeneral

1GroupPG1935.1Whole School in 19351Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014
2SportPS1949.1Football team 1949-502Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014Donated by Gordon Davy
3SportPS1952.2Football team 1952-533Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014Donated by Gordon Davy
4SportPS1953.32 Football teams 1953-544Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014Donated by Gordon Davy
5BuildingPB1912.1Winckley Sq pre 19125Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014
6BuildingPB1937.2Bull Hotel room 1937-476Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014
7BuildingPB1941.3Regent Ballroom 19417Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014
8IndividualPI1936.1Pre-war boy in uniform8Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014
9IndividualPI2014.2Headmaster - Norman Hodgson9Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014Requires dating
10SportPS1946.4Football team 194610Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014
11SportPS1945.5Football team 194511Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014
12GroupPG2014.2Unidentified12Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014Requires identification
13GroupPG2014.3Unidentified13Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014Requires identification
14GroupPG2008.4MP School Prizegiving 200814Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014
15SportPS2014.6PGSA Golf15Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014
16SportPS2014.7PGSA Golf16Box 1 Rigby20.01.2014Andy Sumner off tee
17GroupPG1926.5Form 192617Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Sent to LEP by Arthur Brown
18GroupPG1939.6PGSA School Dinner 193918Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Appeared LEP Dec 16 1939
19GroupPG1935.7PGSA School Dinner 193519Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014LEP Dec 7 1935
20GroupPG1954.8PGSA School Dinner 195420Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014LEP March 3 1954
21GroupPG1933.9PGSA School Dinner 193321Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014LEP Dec 9 1933
22GroupPG2014.10PGSA Committee22Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Names and dates needed
23SportPS2014.8PGSA Golf Mr Tyrer23Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Date needed
24SportPS2014.9PGSA Golf24Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Names and dates needed
25SportPS2014.10PGSA Golf Tyrer, Olivine & Bunting25Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Date needed
26SportPS2014.11PGSA Golf Tyrer, Olivine & Bunting26Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Date needed
27GroupPG2014.11PGSA School visit27Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Date needed
28GroupPG2014.12PGSA Hot Pot Supper28Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Date needed
29SportPS2014.12PGSA Golf - Messrs Olivine & Bunting29Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Date needed
30SportPS2014.13PGSA Golf30Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014Date needed
31SportPS2008.14PGSA Golf - Brian Stott31Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014
32SportPS2008.15PGSA Golf - 200832Box 1 Rigby15.03.2014
33BuildingPB1930.4Park School for girls 193037Box 1 Rigby06.07.2014Donated by Ron Severs
34CampPC1962.1Collection of School Camp shots 196238Box 1 Rigby06.07.2014
35IndividualPI1964.3Mr Bert Barber - Head of Maths at work45Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014Photo taken by Pete Kellett
36GroupPG1950.13Fulwood Tennis Club dance Quinneys 195046Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014
37GroupPG1950.14Christmas Carnival Dance - Worsley's 195047Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014
38GroupPG1950.15Unidentified48Box 1 Rigby08.07.2014Requires identification
39GroupPG2014.22J Whalley & friends Hot Pot supper77Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
40GroupPG2012.23PGSA at Fulwood Barracks78Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
41SportPS2014.16PGSA Golf79Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014Olivine, Whalley & others
42GroupPG2014.24D Swindlehurst & friends - Hot Pot supper80Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
43GroupPG2014.25B McVann, M Barker & others81Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
44GroupPG2013.26D Billington, P Bilsborough & J McDowall82Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014Hot Pot supper
45GroupPG2014.27J Whalley & friends - annual dinner83Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
46SportPS2014.17Swindlehurst, Whalley, Bunting and McVann84Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014Bowling
47SportPS2010.18PGSA Bowling Tournament contestants 201085Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
48GroupPG2014.28Hot Pot supper86Box 2 Rigby
49SportPS2014.19Goosnargh Golf Course87Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
50SportPS2014.20J Whalley presents cup to A Sumner88Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014Date needed
51GroupPG2014.29Annual Dinner89Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014Requires identification
52GroupPG2014.30PGSA School visit featuring stained glass window90Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014Requires identification
53GroupPG2014.31Montage from an Annual Dinner91Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
54SportPS1961.21Cricket - Palace Shield winners 196192Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014More information needed
55SportPS1949.22Rugby team 194993Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
56SportPS1957.23PGSA football team 1957-5894Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014All identified
57GroupPG2013.32PGSA visit to Deepdale106Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
58GroupPG2013.33PGSA visit to Deepdale107Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
59IndividualPI2013.4Trevor Sergeant108Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
60GroupPG1950.34The '39' Club at Coniston in 1950109Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014All identified
61SportPS2014.24Messrs Olivine & Whalley with golf trophy110Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
62GroupPG2014.35John Whalley presenting prizes at Moor Park College111Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
63GroupPG2012.36PGSA visit to Deepdale112Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
64SportPS2014.25PGSA golf contestants113Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014Details required
65SportPS2014.26PGSA golf trophy presentation J Whalley & T Olivine114Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
66GroupPG2014.37PGSA Annual Dinner115Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014Identification required
67GroupPG2014.38PGSA AGM - Messrs Billington, Whalley & McDowall116Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
68GroupPG2012.39PGSA Visit to Deepdale117Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
69SportPS2014.27PGSA bowling118Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
70GroupPG2011.40PGSA Annual Dinner - the dignitaries122Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014All identified
71BuildingPB2014.4New Sports Block at Moor Park B&E College123Box 2 Rigby19.09.2014
72SportPS1960.28PGSA Football team 1960/61138Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
73SportPS2014.29PGSA Football team date unknown139Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
74SportPS2014.30PGSA Football team date unknown140Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
75IndividualPI1898.5MR H A Jutzi 1898-1931141Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
76IndividualPI2014.6Mr H T Jones MA142Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
77IndividualPI2014.7Reverend S D Smart143Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
78IndividualPI1958.8Mr M J Hugill MA144Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014Date needs confirming
79IndividualPI1900.9Mr J McNicholl145Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
80IndividualPI1947.10Mr N Hodgson MA146Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
81IndividualPI1935.11Mr Walter Booth147Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
82IndividualPI1934.12Mr John Joseph Hector148Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
83IndividualPI2014.13Mr K L Benson149Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
84IndividualPI2014.14Mr B Barber MA150Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
85IndividualPI2014.15Unknown151Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014Identification required
86IndividualPI2014.16Mr Percy George Coles152Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
87SportPS1964.31PGSA Dinner programme with 1963/64 Team Photo153Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
88SportPS1990.32PGSA Team with match report LEP Oct 4th 1990154Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
89GroupPG1892.41Group photograph from School in Cross St 1892155Box 2 Rigby18.11.2014
90CampPC1961.2A Lonsdale, D Lancaster, I Johnson Great Gable181Unboxed28.04.2015Donated by R Hesketh
91GroupPG2015.42Park School Speech Day at the Public Hall182Unboxed28.04.2015Framed no date
92SportPS1949.33Football team in the Lake District 1949194Box 2 Rigby28.04.2015Ron Severs collection
93SportPS1949.34Rugby team in 1949209Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
94GroupPG1953.42Isle of Man football trip 1953 210Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
95SportPS1961.35Teachers' football team v Boys in 1961211Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
96SportPS1955.36Old Boys Football team 1955-56212Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
97GroupPG1953.43Form photograph 1953213Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015Roy Bolton from LEP
98GroupPG2011.44Association Dignitaries - Annual Dinner 2011214Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
99MiscellaneousPM2015.1Coat of Arms 1950s215Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
100IndividualPI1950.17Allan & Sheila Fazackerley 1950216Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
101IndividualPI1950.18Derek, George and Kenneth Hewitson 1950's217Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
102IndividualPI1958.19Jim Goring & Mick Shaw - Isle of Man 1958218Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
103IndividualPI1958.20Jim Goring & Mick Shaw 1958/59219Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
104GroupPG2015.45ATC Cadets - date unknown220Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
105IndividualPI1955.21Peter Grandridge, Franklyn Jackson & Peter Swann - 1955221Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
106SportPS1949.372nd team in 1949228Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
107SportPS1959.38Rugby team in 1959229Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
108GroupPG1949.46Lower 4C - K Brierley, T Atkinson, C Eastham, E Crewe & H Milnes230Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
109SportPS1965.39Webb Cup winners 1965/66234Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
110SportPS1949.402nd team 1949235Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
111GroupPG1946.476th Arts Class of 1946236Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
112BuildingPB2015.5Photographs & Drawings of the School building237Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015
113GroupPG1949.48Class 4C in 1949242Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015Ken Brierley LEP
114SportPS2015.41Golfers243Box 4 Rigby28.04.2015Details required

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